Our Vision :
Our vision is to "Empower women through Education." The college has a concrete, multilayered strategy to turn this vision into reality. To enhance the employability of young ant to make them entrepreneurs in life, the institution runs a number of career-oriented and vocational courses along with the regular ones.With the rare amalgamation of the ancient Vedic culture, Indian traditions and Modern Technology. The institution aims at creating the best human resources reservoir to produce world class professionals & citizens.

Our Mission :
As an institution, our mission is 'Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye' which means 'Education Liberates’. At RR Bawa DAV College,‘Education’ is synonymous with ‘Liberation’; liberation from all shackles, liberation from all vices, liberation from cruel customs and unjust traditions. The college expends all its resources, human as well material, to emancipate the female population of the society in every possible way. Overpowering their fears and obstacles, the students exhibit their potential in Academic, Sports ,NCC ,NSS ,Cultural & other Activities and win recognition for themselves as well as for their alma-mater.

Our Objectives:
To keep itself in sync with higher education policies of the Nation, the college enshrines and espouses certain objectives which find their expressions in following fashion
     • To Practice and implement ideology of amalgamating Vedic knowledge as propagated by Swami Dayanand Sarswati with modern outlook so as to usher in social renaissance in the Indian Society
     • To carry out Holistic development of women, comprehending in its fold physical, mental, emotional, moral, professional and intellectual aspects.
    • To cultivate and promote high standards of research in the arena of humanities, commerce, sciences, informatics, and allied fields.
    • To impart higher education with an avowed focus on job-oriented and value-based education in the context of present globalized scenario.
  • To make girls self-reliant, self-respecting and self confident so as to compete effectively in the present cut-throat competitive world.
   • To expose students to the challenges likely to be faced by them in their future personal in intra-personal lives and educate them to face them.
    • To enable them to acquire moral, intellectual, cultural perfection and to give them an opportunity for soul-searching and introspection in life. .The ultimate goal of the institution is to carry out holistic development of women, comprehending in its fold physical, mental, emotional, moral, professional and intellectual aspects.  


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