Swami Dayanand StudiesCentre
(Mrs. Raj Sharma, co-ordinator ; Mr. Sunil Dutt , co-ordinator ) 
DAV Society has ever been motivated by the thoughts and teachings of Swami Dayanand Saraswati. It
has been their foremost desire and dream to foster the same values and ethics in the students. To take
step forward in this direction, Swami Dayanand Chair has been established in the college, which has
been liable to perform various duties in the same context.

Mahatama Gandhi Studies Centre
(Mrs. Shabnam Prabha ,Co-ordinator)
Gandhian Studies Centre has been established under UGC scheme of Epoch making Social Thinkers of India. The aim of the centre is to spread Gandhi ji’s message of truth, sacrifice, non-violence and selfless service to the younger Generation.

Gandhian Study Centre

Women Studies Centre
(Dr. (Mrs.) Kalpana Sharma, co-ordinator)

The objective of the Centre is to create professionally awakened and competent Women with secular outlook and having a flair for socioeconomic development. It aims to uplift the marginalized section of females in society in all respects. In this concern, the centre is active throughout the year to perform various activities/services/workshops/surveys/campaigns to empower and enlighten women. Their focus is to make girls if this semi-urban area aware of their rights and laws pertaining to them so that they are not exploited at any stage of their life.


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